“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

(Ralph Waldo Emmerson) Why would an Alt blog? What is an Alt, anyway?

I’m a talking wolf who masquerades as a human on occasions and I am the second individual avatar for one person who operates both avatars in Second Life, a virtual reality. “Alt” is a diminutive for “Alternate” and they are created for a variety of reasons. My raison d’être is to help the primary avatar to animate furniture and to provide some peace for her away from a barrage of instant messages from friends and customers. I also allow her to be with her Second Life partner without those interruptions, too and, contrary to what most people think an Alt is for, there is no cheating for me in either virtual or real lives.

Making things in Second Life requires a degree of concentration and, if you love it as I do, you want to be left to get on with it and not have to start messing with that script again, because someone wanted to say “Hi!”. Usually someone who usually has no concept of how hard it is to hold a conversation and try to torture a prim. As an Alt with no friends, I offer that peace to my typist. I still get hit on, though, which is the other problem an avatar may encounter if they are friendly. I don’t talk to anyone and yet I have been in a shop offering items mainly for females and been hit on three times in succession – by both sexes. Even more reason to want peace. Here’s my first tip – don’t hit on people before you read their profile. Mine clearly says I’m married and not interested and if you can’t read, what makes you think I’d want you anyway?

Why would I blog, though, if I want to be a secret? It’s because I have a life, too. I can go out and explore, I can take photographs (my latest thing) and I still get that peace, because I don’t get interrupted. However, no matter how much you want peace, it’s nice to think you can share what you find – there is a joy in discovery that I don’t want to keep to myself. So … don’t contact me inworld, I won’t be your friend, and I won’t chat with you. Now you know why and hopefully will understand. Do contact me through the blog, though, and do let me know if you like things you find here. Despite this opening blog – I’m really not that antisocial. 🙂


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