Calas Galadhon

I know that if I did a whole blog about this collection of SIMs, it would not do them justice. I really believe them to be the most incredible vision and offering for any lover of virtual beauty. The size and variety of what is on offer is staggering. As is the attention to detail. One SIM alone has a representation of the RL island of Santorini – they call it Armenelos. You can go in the houses, walk up the white-washed paths and dance on the hilltop.

Calas Dreaming

Calas Dreaming

For my sojourn there in order to blog, I found a comfy place in the main SIM (called, not surprisingly, Calas Galadhon). Looking out across the lake all one would need is a lover or a good book (or both – or a lover IN a good book?) and you’d be sorted. I had my SL camera, so that worked for me.

I also visited Mirromere, because I know about the caves. My husband and I have romanced there, and got lost in the beauty as well as the tunnels. I went for a swim for the purposes of a shot for this blog … and yes, I kept all my clothes on.

Mirromere Swim

Mirromere Swim


If you haven’t been to the Calas Galadhon SIMs, then set aside some time. A week should do it. Explore Mirromere, Calas, Armenelos, Glanduin, Dimrill Dale, The Misty Mountains, the Gulf of Lune, South Farthing … goodness, I’ve probably forgot some! I would highly recommend the balloon ride, but set some time aside and take your beloved, if I actually paid attention to the time correctly, it was a full 40 minutes …

Sweeping vistas, high mountaintops, flat wetlands, thick forest – it’s all there. I come back to these SIMs again and again and I’m sure if you’ve visited once, you’ll be back. No blog could adequately do them justice and this one isn’t even going to try.

You can find somewhere to start right here:


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