Grey November Gallery (Legion Project)



The Grey November Gallery is one section of a collection of areas called “The Legion Project”, which offers everything from shops selling Haute Couture to Open Mic stages. The shops are great (Akeyo is there – woot!) and it’s so nicely done with little fun things to look at outside the shops as well as in. I recommend a wander around the whole place, although be aware that some of it is residential, so don’t go snooping in people’s homes.

Having said that, one home draws the eye and the footpaw. Not being able to resist temptation, I can tell you that when you get partway down the path the owner has left a cute message for you (!) that says you can come and explore her home if you promise not to $%&^. I didn’t $%&^, and I only looked around the outside, so she probably won’t throw me in a pit of hungry dinosaurs as she threatens. I absolutely LOVE that girl’s humour. 🙂

Waiting ...

Waiting …

Anyway … I have highlighted the Grey November Gallery as it’s a place to visit in its own right. Yes, it does sell some great pictures there, but it’s kind of cute in itself. It rains there, always, and yet – it manages to show how even a “Grey November” can have its own kind of beauty.

Drop by the gallery as well as the surrounds. See if you can find the painted elephant and maybe get yourself thrown in a pit of hungry dinosaurs. No luck on my side, but do let me know if you make it. Or get your descendants to tell me?


You can find the entrance to the Grey November Gallery here:

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