Bridge for Sighs

Bridge for Sighs

If you like romance and natural beauty, then you’ll like Imaginaria. From the old-world lighthouse where you land to the countless bridges, seating, nooks and crannies all around the SIM, you’ll find somewhere to snuggle your sweetie. Each possible seating location is well thought out with a surprising variety of sits for both singles and couples, so you can find that perfect pose if you like photography – as well as find the perfect pose for a sunset kiss.

The vistas are stunning. You will find landscapes to test your SL lens and little corners for close-ups that will make you smile. If it is possible for a virtual location to have an ambience you can feel, then Imaginaria has one that’s light, welcoming and romantic as well as peaceful.


Guardian Gates

Guardian Gates

Find a great windlight even if you are only exploring and watch the sea sparkle in the distance as you wander through the lush grass and flowers. Change the world to gold and watch as a beautiful place is transformed into something quite different, but still beautiful – or add moonlight and see it again, totally different.

SL is escapism and I would recommend Imaginaria as a great place to escape – as well as a great place to get out your SL camera, play with your settings and fill up your Flickr or blog.




You can find Imaginaria here:

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