Paradiso LZ

Landing Zone

If you’ve seen my Flickr, you’ll know I do love this SIM (there are a couple more pictures on there, too). It’s so beautiful, even though some of the beauty comes from broken things. A whole lot comes from flowers, though .. if you’ve got hayfever, this probably isn’t somewhere you’ll want to visit.

When you land (unless it’s changed again) you’ll see an umbrella and in front of you a white door, standing all on its own. The door will take you to another world, and I suggest you go through it before you become entranced by the rest of the SIM and forget to look. Oh, you may well end up forgetting the rest of the SIM if you go through, too – so pick your poison.

The Grotto

The Grotto


Through the doorway is the most incredible grotto, full of water that’s reminiscent of places such as the Carribean and the Maldives. Hey, I’ve seen pictures, I know what they look like from those! There are statues and flowers and trees and gazebos and flowers and floating islands and flowers. Did I mention flowers? You can get an idea of scale by looking at the picture. The arrow is, not surprisingly, pointing to me. I’m short, but I’m not a Petite so …

When you’re done soaking up the beauty through the door, come back out and wander the sea. Little islands with strange statues and seating, half-ruined houses … all manner of wonderful things to explore and the whole SIM is an SL Photographer’s dream.

Oh, in case you wondered, you can walk on water at Paradiso. If nothing else, visit Paradiso to impress your friends without the aid of a HUD.

Find Paradiso here:



Grotto Gazebo

Grotto Gazebo

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