Rosemist Isle

Quiet Sanctuary ... for Meeroos?

Quiet Sanctuary … for Meeroos?

If you like the idea of an escape that has a touch of the mystical and magical, then you’ll love Rosemist Isle. I like those things myself, and I love finding hidden places that the SIM creator has made an effort with, just for your entertainment. You’ll find those in Rosemist Isle too.

I haven’t taken pictures in the more hidden spots so you can discover them for yourself, and you certainly should. The more you wander here, the more you’ll find – and changing windlights will give you a whole different outlook in this SIM, maybe more so than others.

Temple Concerto

Temple Concerto


Some of the highlights are a standing stone ring; a galleon; some hidden “caves” and a piano and concert area. That’s not all. You’ll find lovely places for romance and some fun places to sit even if you are on your own. The landscaping is gorgeous and the sense of escapism to a realm that’s something special is all here. This is not the biggest place you’ll visit in SL, but there’s a lot packed cleverly and thoughtfully into its area. Highly recommended.


You can find Rosemist Isle here:

Want to walk round it, but don’t have Second Life? Then get a taster here.


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