Garden of GreenBurg

I’m always wary of going to “romantic places” on my own. Even as a little wolf, I still tend to get people of all shapes, sizes and genders asking me if I want to chat – which invariably turns out to mean “will you have intimate relations with me?” (although they are usually blunter than I just was!).

Mystic Cove

Mystic Cove

For this reason, my trips to locations described as “romantic” tend to be short and camming around often elicits embarrassment as I’ll usually (accidentally) find someone canoodling when I all I want to do is see the location. Needless to say I will withdraw my camera as quickly as possible, I’m not a voyeur and never will be. All that said, I decided to take a look at the Garden of GreenBurg, simply because the cover shot on Second Life‘s Destination Guide was so appealing. Yep, I found the canoodling, so I’m sorry if my description is shorter than it should be and even sorrier if the couple concerned realised that cameras can move through walls in Second Life a little too late. The house was cute, though.

Frog Kiss

Frog Kiss

Back to the travelogue, where I didn’t get further than the Landing Zone before I had to take a picture. Not only does your greeter imply that all species are welcome, but what female of any species can resist kissing a Frog Prince? As I have already married my ideal partner, it was a dead certainty I wouldn’t be disappointed in love after kissing him, but if you haven’t found your Prince Charming yet, the frog does use breath freshener …

Candlelit Ruins

Candlelit Ruins

I didn’t have time to explore all of GreenBurg, but it really is a great place for couples. There are little seats and nooks and houses where couples can cuddle and spend time together and the ambience is both romantic and peaceful, so it’s well worth taking a sweetie and spending some time there. Please be aware it’s a public SIM, though, and that little wolves doing blogs don’t always want to walk everywhere. For their part, little wolves will remember that they need the exercise and will attempt to walk more. Cuddling is not the only available entertainment, though.

Dinner at Greenburg

Dinner at Greenburg

The SIM is really very beautiful, with a mystical feel. There are strange plants and lighting effects and strange animals, too. I even found dinner set out for me in the most wonderful setting (no, I don’t really eat them, but I have to attempt to live up to my lupinicity (is that a word?)). I also found a way around my laziness, too, which was great fun. You can fly on a dandelion seed all around the SIM! It makes a change from ballooon and carpet rides as you get to pilot the seed yourself, and it makes you look as if your dieting has worked, too. I recommend it!

All in all, well worth a visit, even if you are alone at the time. So much to see and explore, I haven’t scratched the surface, but at least you know why. Beware the Pericam!

You can find the Garden Of GreenBurg here:


On the Wind

On the Wind


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