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Machinima Page Added!

Henrycopter House

Henrycopter House

What it says! I’ve put aside a page so you can easily find any machinima I make on the places I visit, just click on the menu at the top of the site.

I can’t do that many machinima, they are very time consuming, but they are fun. Now I’ve finished the one on A Petrovsky Flux, maybe I’ll have time to get back out on the grid. 🙂

I’d hate to make you read a post without a picture, so here’s a still I snapped in A Petrovsky Flux while I was there.

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Ebbe Caught Me Napping!

Another one of Strawberry Singh’s Blog Meme’s and an excuse to pretend to mix with the famous – even if they are cut-outs. For those of you who don’t know, Ebbe Altberg is the new CEO of Linden Labs and his avatar is Ebbe Linden. He’s been seen out and about on the grid and seems to be quite visual, he even posts on Twitter. I don’t do social media at all (read my “About” page and see why), but I am assured he’s there and Tweeting. Whatever that is. Anyway …

Ebbe Caught Me Napping

Ebbe Caught Me Napping

The meme calls for a picture with Flat Ebbe, a construction of Berry’s from one of her pictures. If, after you see my effort, you can’t resist carrying around your very own Ebbe, then you can get one from Berry’s marketplace. He’s free. Berry also challenged us to list three comments we would like to make to Ebbe if we got to do so, so here are mine.

1. Please reassure me that mesh will not take over the metaverse. It’s fabulous, but for those of us that don’t want to look like everyone else and want as much flexibility as possible to change our avatar, we need sculpties and prims. Sorry, fitted mesh does not do it. I don’t want to be a human that fits into one of five boxes that you can mess with a bit. In fact, I don’t want to be a human at all.

2. Change is often good, once you get used to it. However, it would be really great if some of the things we already had in place were fixed or improved. I don’t use the Linden Labs viewer because it does not offer the features I rely on to modify and build, and it’s geared towards meet and greet more than anything (I loathe and despise the Linden Viewer’s chat box).  I’m not alone in choosing a third party viewer for this reason. Couldn’t you sneak in a few things for the older resident, so we’re more inclined to support the standard viewer?

3. I’m with Berry on better marketing for Second Life. It’s not just the sex aspect, it’s just people’s assumption that you are stupid if you play Second Life. The more that can get out in the media about its varying educational aspects and truly stunning creations, the better. I am blown away daily by what people can do on here.

The picture was taken at Armenelos, in the Calas Galadron collection of SIMS.



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Bryn Oh’s “The Singularity of Kumiko”

I don’t do scary, disturbing or dark if I can help it. I like light and bright and cupcakes with a cherry on top. Having heard many times about Bryn Oh’s “The Singularity of Kumiko” and thinking that all these people must have seen something worth seeing, I thought I’d give it a go, myself. I mean, it doesn’t say it’s going to be scary, disturbing or dark anywhere. Oh, but it is …

"Unfortunate ..."

“Unfortunate …”

When you land, you find yourself in a room much like an art gallery, which isn’t really surprising, because The Singularity is indeed art. Interactive art. The room gives you instructions on how to set up your viewer, because it does require a certain windlight setting, without that setting the installations won’t look right at all. You’ll find instructions on how you can experience the story of Kumiko and how you can listen, read and collect her “letters” to Iktomi. You can pick up a head light too, you’ll need it. There is also a large poster on the floor with reminders to set the windlight  again when you return “If by some unfortunate circumstances you happen to die …”  while you’re in the exhibit and get TP’d out. At least they’re warning you …

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

The first and only failure of the exhibition was the door. It just would not open, no matter what I tried. Hopefully it was just me, or SL being difficult, or a temporary glitch. If you have the same trouble, make sure you have your preferences set so you can zoom your camera through prims, zoom through to the car and sit on it. You can then walk a few paces back to the beginning. Well, it worked for me.

I am going to have a lot of trouble explaining what it’s like to be in this interactive piece of art because I have absolutely no intention of revealing all of the story. The thing is, I couldn’t if I wanted, a visitor will have to fill in a whole lot themselves. That is, actually, part of the skill of it all. The fact that you think you get what’s happening – and that thought is wholly disturbing and should be replaced by thoughts of beaches in Hawaii or a nice Merlot.

Walk Quickly ...

Walk Quickly …

It’s safe to say the exhibit could be seen a pieces of a dream, or snapshots of memory, but I know that once the rabbit came after me, it became a nightmare. I did see one lady running (and I know my head filled in screaming and the knife noise in “Psycho”) and it was that darned rabbit again, and something else that I didn’t stay around long enough to identify. The best way to really scare someone is to build up the tension. No gore, no hack and slash … tension and having things come and get you are more than enough.

The gallery section at the beginning does warn you that you may die, the area is only set for ten avatars at once. Don’t think for one minute that is the only reason you may die … I was looking at a nice clean gallery when I teleported in and I was TP’d out a gibbering wreck, my mind filled with disturbing images.

I would recommend a visit, and assure you that you should take the time to read the instructions. They are good advice. Don’t miss the gatchas either, they are nifty pieces of art and interactive too.



The Singularity will disturb you, unless you are not easily moved. You will run, you will start to reconsider pushing buttons and you will be looking over your shoulder. You will probably go back to see if you’ve figured it out and run screaming and get TP’d home until you too lie down and shudder, swearing to yourself you’ll never have a pet or play another virtual game … until the next time.

Please note that the images in this post have been cropped (as most in this site are) but in the case of this page, they have all been lightened to make it easier for you to see them. You shouldn’t have any trouble seeing the exhibit inworld. You can always see just enough. Or is “just enough” just too much … ? You might also wish to note that it may be a walk in the park for you. I may be a wolf, but I am also a scaredy-cat.

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A Petrovsky Flux

After reading Strawberry Singh’s blog post on how she met Ebbe Linden, I was determined to go to the SIM she met him in. I like solitude, so even the thought of meeting the new CEO of Linden Labs wasn’t a draw, but the SIM was. I’m so glad I visited, and I would urge you to go, as it appears to be on borrowed time. Note the SLURL now, before we go any further. It’s here.

I find it hard to describe this place. I’ve opted for “what Salvador Dali would create if he was into Steampunk”. It is truly stunning, and I’d recommend the region windlight, although I opted for a few shots using StrawberrySinghDotComEmerald*.

Lazy Wolf's Way To Explore

Lazy Wolf’s Way To Explore

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the sofas. Lots of big, comfy-looking pink sofas with one, large spring. No, they’d not started to fall apart, but seemed to use the spring to get around and if you visit, you will probably be stalked by one. You can also hitch a ride on the biggest one, which worked well for me, my little paws get tired quickly (i.e. I’m lazy).

Talking of tired, after a few falls into the surprisingly clear water and a tumble after attempting to climb some lattice (that never, ever gave any indication that climbing would be a good enterprise), I found somewhere else to relax. Look out across the vast, bleak plains at the exploding “stuff” and rock yourself to sleep. Free puns are included with this blog, so I labelled the picture accordingly. It’s a great view!

Getting Tired

Getting Tired

Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House

And linking, yet again, if you want a really great view, and to share it with friends, find the little café. I can’t say the service was the best I’ve ever had, but the vantage point it offered more than made up for any disappointment with the Soup Du Jour.

With all the machinery around, you may well wonder (and if you didn’t, you will now) if the SIM has an ecologically friendly policy in place. I’m delighted to report that it does indeed run on green energy. See picture. 🙂

Green Energy

Green Energy

Noggin Protector and Henrycopter

Noggin Protector and Henrycopter

In the pictures, you’ll probably notice I’m modelling a high-fashion Steampunk hat (!) Clearly labelled as a “Petrovsky Noggin Protector Xmas Edition” when it hits your inventory, you can collect it from the sign. Assuming you can find the sign. I say “The Sign” because I only saw one, found it once, and couldn’t find it again! Along with the hat you also get your very own “Henrycopter”. You’ll know what he is before he hits your inventory if you’ve been paying attention, as there are many, many Henrycopters flying around. The less imaginative may choose to call them “Flying Sheep with Rotors”. If you attach him, he’ll keep you company as you traverse the fascinating wastes that are A Petrovsky Flux.

Go there, really. Before it’s gone.

*Not got it? No problem, scoot over to my page on SL Photography for a link to Berry’s Windlight page and some other useful pages on Second Life photography.

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Yes, You Can

As you may know by now, when I can, I like to take part in Strawberry Singh’s Blog Memes, and this post is another offering. I had to do this. I really, truly had to. If you imply something is unlikely or difficult and I can and want to do it, you can bet I will. It just so happened this was easy for me, as a friend had just the outfit. I quote Berry: “… If you want to be a baby dragon with fairy wings that likes to do somersaults, you do that and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! Also, tell me when and where you find that outfit.”

Well, Berry …

Ask, and you shall receive ...

Ask, and you shall receive …

The outfit was from Marketplace and is called “Medieval Maid” or something like that, the avatar is from the Isle of Wyrms SIMs and the ability to do somersaults is from a gesture that I’d be happy to provide to you inworld, along with more exact information on making yourself  look like this, should you wish.

Yes, this baby dragon really can do somersaults and really does have fairy wings. No, it’s not me, but if I was having a “I want to be a baby dragon with fairy wings that can do somersaults” day, it would be. I have “I want to be a talking wolf with rather large assets that delights in having purple eyes” days instead. Each to their own and vive la difference!

As for the advice I’d offer, I do match Berry on some …

1. See my post entitled “There’s a place for that” here:  I, too, feel that asking someone for sex when first meeting them is not acceptable behaviour anywhere (except in “those” SIMs). As it says in my post – there’s a place for that and it’s not with me.

2. Whatever avatar you want, it’s worth getting some components that are really good, then using free or cheap until you want to upgrade. If you’re going for human, I’d always say make sure your skin is good and you have a decent AO (you can pick up really nice ones for free or for nothing). When you’re ready, improve the hair and eyes and work on the clothes, last. I know this is not what a fashion diva would go for, but I think that body improvements are the things that de-noobify someone fastest.

3. Yes it is a game and no it isn’t. You’re coming across real people here, even if they are looking like the picture on this post. True, many take Second Life too seriously, and I’m possibly one, but being in a game is no excuse to treat people badly. Pixels or no pixels, people have feelings.

4. There is so much to learn if you want to get the most out of SL. I would recommend you visit one of the really good (and preferably) Linden approved help centres. They really are there to help you and the people there give up their time to do so. Don’t waste this valuable way to get a short-cut to learning about Second Life and with the Linden approval, you know you can trust them. I am aware of the level of training and testing that goes into making someone suitable to work in these places (for free!) and it ensures you’re safe.

5. Read and watch tutorials. Want to learn how to do something and are completely befuddled? You can learn so much simply by using your browser and diving into the wealth of tutorials that are out there, put out simply to help others. Free help, like the centres I mentioned in number four.

If you need help, it’s there. Second Life can be all manner of things, but it doesn’t have to be a mountain to climb … unless you want to go mountaineering!


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Hazardous? Well, they do warn you!

Hazardous LZ

Hazardous LZ

The first time I ever came to visit Hazardous, I was falling rapidly before I had even registered that I’d landed. One false footpaw and I was tumbling base over apex, wondering if I’d get a soft landing. Fortunately, this little wolf’s rear has excellent padding and I made it with nary a scratch. When I returned to get pictures for the blog, I was a little more careful. However, there are many ways to fall, just from the Landing Zone. Try getting in the bath …

When you do finally make it to the surface, the landscape is pretty arid (this is coming from someone who lives in the UK, so anything that’s not able to have water squeezed from it is “arid”),  and has a peaceful but desolate feel. The important thing to remember when you wander around is that not all is as it seems.

Which Way?

Which Way?

There are too many features to list here, and more little secret “doorways” to other parts of the SIM than I have the time or the wordpower to mention, but I would encourage you to find the well. I am not going to reveal what’s in it, but it’s worth a look. It’s easy to get lost in Hazardous, though. However, there are several handy signpost, some of which really do justify using LOL (which means “Laugh Out Loud” or “Laughing Out Loud” for those that are still using it incorrectly!)). I don’t say that lightly. This wolf does NOT do text speak. Make sure you find the signposts, though. They won’t help you find your way, but they’ll make you smile.

I’d also recommend finding the lighthouse, which is a great spot for budding SL photographers and there are handy seats on the cliff opposite it. I’d suggest you try the various seats around anyway, they are loaded with great animations and most will suit couples and singles. You’ll also find a cute Tea House at the bottom of the ravine, if you manage to fall down. It can often be done without trying …

Hazardous Music

Hazardous Music

One of my favourite parts of Hazardous is the steps down the outside of the cliff to the surprise at the bottom. I love the imagery here. In fact, the whole SIM is reminscent of lost childhood (as my husband pointed out) and has a wild, lonely sense of desolation that is also a very peaceful one. Perfect for the blogger that likes to explore the grid in peace …

On another note, the designer and owner is a charming fellow and is very kind to those of a furry persuasion, which cannot be said for a lot of SIMS. If you run into him, you’ll be made welcome. I think this place is beautifully designed, well-thought out and also serves as a pleasant hangout, with Intan to help you find some romance if you want it. There’s a reasonable chance as there are often visitors in Hazardous. You’ll rarely be alone in this wilderness.

You can find Hazardous here …


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Rosemist Update …

I have friends in real life (yes, I do!), that don’t do Second Life. For them, and for you if you don’t, take a walk around Rosemist Isle.

You can find my video on my Flickr stream, or watch the full version (!) right here.

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There’s a place for that …

I really do love Second Life and for me, as for many, it’s a life-line. My real life work means that I rarely get to see a soul, and that means I get lonely, despite my lovely husband. Second Life affords me the chance to get out and about virtually and to learn new things. My Primary gets to socialise too, so it’s very important to me as a substitute for something I can’t have in the real world right now.

Just like the real world, Second Life attracts all types of people and there is a place for them all. Even “those” ones. However, just like the real world, knowing how to behave when you are out of your niche is important for everyone’s benefit. It seems that a lot of people see SL as a game only, and think that means they may behave as they wish and it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. “Get a life!” is their response, should you disagree with their point of view. The thing is, many can’t “get a life”. There are hundreds of people on Second Life because they are disabled or infirm – stuck at home for all manner of reasons and this virtual world is their life. Spending a lot of time in any game is no real substitute for getting out in the real world, but if you don’t have that option, why should you have what life you can get virtually ruined by other’s behaviour?

Apart from the obvious gripes of griefers, racialism, sexism and general bad behaviour, my pet peeve is that a number of both genders seem to think that it’s acceptable to go into a shop or other public place in a General or Moderate SIM and ask for sex with the first avatar they find appealing. You know what – in some SIMs it is acceptable. So why don’t these people go there?

I have clocked how long it takes for someone to hit on me when I’m in a shop, genuinely trying to buy an item. I’m no model, but it happens at least 50% of the time, possibly more. I’m just in a shop, looking at vendors and checking prices. I haven’t spoken to a soul except to say “excuse me” if I landed on them when teleporting or “I’m sorry” if lag bumped me into them. So why is it that I have been asked via Instant Message (IM) in less than 30 seconds (truly), if I want to go to bed with someone?

It usually starts like this …

THEM: “Hello!”

ME: “Hi. Can I help you?”

THEM: “Oh, you look very pretty! I just thought we could chat.”

ME: “Thank you for the compliment. I’m just shopping, was there something in particular that you wanted to chat about?”

THEM: “Well, maybe we could go for a walk?”

ME: “I’m just shopping and then I’m going home …”

THEM: “But we could –”

ME: “… to my husband.”


Or alternatively (and this happened!)

THEM: “Hello.”

ME: “Hi. Can I help you?”

THEM: “Nice t*ts. Fancy a sh*g?”

Who actually thinks that a conversation as short as either of these would lead to the bedroom? Would you do this in a shop in real life? More to the point, did you read my profile which said I was married and that I was not interested in intimate encounters (yes, you need to specify both in Second Life).

Peri’s Tips for a nicer Second Life:

  1. Don’t try to pick up people in shops, or other public places, unless it’s in that type of SIM. There’s a place for that.
  2. Read your target’s profile. Twice. It will tell you if they want intimate encounters or if they want to pretend they don’t but do (!). There’s a place for that.
  3.  Brush up on your winning lines. The second example is unlikely to win the panties and it certainly won’t win the heart. If you want to use a meaningless, unoriginal and frankly insulting* way of hitting on someone, guess what … ?
    There’s a place for that …

Should you want to know where to find these places, use your Search option on your viewer and type in something blunt. “Sex” will keep your Search going for hours and you’ll find things that will scare you into never doing it again. Or you’ll find the place for that. I can assure you, that place is not with me.

My final tip to people that think it’s a good idea to hit on me randomly:

“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

*Yes, it is insulting. I’m flattered you like my t*ts, but assuming that telling me so will make me hot for you is an insult to my intelligence and an assumption that I have no more control over my libido … than YOU.

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Second Life Book Cover Meme

Another Meme Challenge from Strawberry Singh that dates back to before I joined the group, but it sounded like fun, so I wanted to do it.

Peri Potters ...

Peri Potters …

I’m amazed at the creativity of fellow group members and the amount of time they must put into their shots. My offering for the Second Life Book Cover Meme is rather twee, I’m afraid, and not a work of art, but maybe it will make you smile. I guess you could call my cover some kind of parody, and I’m also guessing you won’t need me to tell you where I got my inspiration from. However, I shall.

My real life husband is a huge fan of single malt whisky (blends are not whisky, as far as he is concerned). I hate the stuff. He hardly ever drinks, so I shouldn’t ever begrudge him his favourite tipple and I don’t, actually, but there is nothing that is quite as much fun as teasing one’s spouse – and he would be the first to agree with me.

So, dear, this one is for you. 🙂

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The Spring Season Challenge

As you may have read, I’m a fan of Strawberry Singh’s photography, despite not really being that interested in fashion in any world. It’s hard to find clothes to fit a small overly-curvy wolf in SL and it’s even harder to find clothes to fit a short and rounded female in the real world so I keep well away from fashion trends and thank my lucky stars if it just fits.

Beer and Blossoms

Beer and Blossoms

I like to have a go at Berry’s Blog Meme Challenges, though; it’s a great way to keep posting and it lets me play more with my photography. I’ll never be a professional in either world, but if it’s fun and I’m learning then that’s good enough for me. So here’s my picture for her Spring Season Challenge and my answers to her questions. The more you read my answers, the more you’ll be happy to ignore me, should you see me out and about messing with blog stuff. I’m pretty darned boring.

What is the Spring season like where you live?
In the UK, it varies. In my part of the UK it doesn’t vary. It rains. However, even in my part, the Cherry trees and the May blossoms will make a very welcome appearance and snowdrops, daffodils and croci will appear in gardens all across the country. All those things are synonymous with Spring as far as I’m concerned, but it’s really the blossoms and daffodils that do it for me. What’s not to like?

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Spring?
Blossoms and daffodils. When I was a child we had a multitude of both in our garden and they were stunning. It’s a link back to the past and I guess it’s now a trigger for feeling Spring-like. One of my favourite cities that I recently visited has a bank full of daffodils in Spring – you have a few weeks to catch them at their best if you’re lucky. I actually managed it this year and was there on Saturday. Fabulous!

Which Spring-themed SIM is your favourite at the moment?
I could make a list (heh – read my blog?), but I do like Calas Galadhon in the Spring and that’s why my picture is taken there. Be honest, though … if you can answer this in one go, without thinking, you either own said SIM or don’t get out much, right?

You can find one of the many Calas Galadhon SIMs here. Take snacks, you’ll be there a long, long time.

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