The Spring Season Challenge

As you may have read, I’m a fan of Strawberry Singh’s photography, despite not really being that interested in fashion in any world. It’s hard to find clothes to fit a small overly-curvy wolf in SL and it’s even harder to find clothes to fit a short and rounded female in the real world so I keep well away from fashion trends and thank my lucky stars if it just fits.

Beer and Blossoms

Beer and Blossoms

I like to have a go at Berry’s Blog Meme Challenges, though; it’s a great way to keep posting and it lets me play more with my photography. I’ll never be a professional in either world, but if it’s fun and I’m learning then that’s good enough for me. So here’s my picture for her Spring Season Challenge and my answers to her questions. The more you read my answers, the more you’ll be happy to ignore me, should you see me out and about messing with blog stuff. I’m pretty darned boring.

What is the Spring season like where you live?
In the UK, it varies. In my part of the UK it doesn’t vary. It rains. However, even in my part, the Cherry trees and the May blossoms will make a very welcome appearance and snowdrops, daffodils and croci will appear in gardens all across the country. All those things are synonymous with Spring as far as I’m concerned, but it’s really the blossoms and daffodils that do it for me. What’s not to like?

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Spring?
Blossoms and daffodils. When I was a child we had a multitude of both in our garden and they were stunning. It’s a link back to the past and I guess it’s now a trigger for feeling Spring-like. One of my favourite cities that I recently visited has a bank full of daffodils in Spring – you have a few weeks to catch them at their best if you’re lucky. I actually managed it this year and was there on Saturday. Fabulous!

Which Spring-themed SIM is your favourite at the moment?
I could make a list (heh – read my blog?), but I do like Calas Galadhon in the Spring and that’s why my picture is taken there. Be honest, though … if you can answer this in one go, without thinking, you either own said SIM or don’t get out much, right?

You can find one of the many Calas Galadhon SIMs here. Take snacks, you’ll be there a long, long time.

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