Yes, You Can

As you may know by now, when I can, I like to take part in Strawberry Singh’s Blog Memes, and this post is another offering. I had to do this. I really, truly had to. If you imply something is unlikely or difficult and I can and want to do it, you can bet I will. It just so happened this was easy for me, as a friend had just the outfit. I quote Berry: “… If you want to be a baby dragon with fairy wings that likes to do somersaults, you do that and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! Also, tell me when and where you find that outfit.”

Well, Berry …

Ask, and you shall receive ...

Ask, and you shall receive …

The outfit was from Marketplace and is called “Medieval Maid” or something like that, the avatar is from the Isle of Wyrms SIMs and the ability to do somersaults is from a gesture that I’d be happy to provide to you inworld, along with more exact information on making yourself  look like this, should you wish.

Yes, this baby dragon really can do somersaults and really does have fairy wings. No, it’s not me, but if I was having a “I want to be a baby dragon with fairy wings that can do somersaults” day, it would be. I have “I want to be a talking wolf with rather large assets that delights in having purple eyes” days instead. Each to their own and vive la difference!

As for the advice I’d offer, I do match Berry on some …

1. See my post entitled “There’s a place for that” here:  I, too, feel that asking someone for sex when first meeting them is not acceptable behaviour anywhere (except in “those” SIMs). As it says in my post – there’s a place for that and it’s not with me.

2. Whatever avatar you want, it’s worth getting some components that are really good, then using free or cheap until you want to upgrade. If you’re going for human, I’d always say make sure your skin is good and you have a decent AO (you can pick up really nice ones for free or for nothing). When you’re ready, improve the hair and eyes and work on the clothes, last. I know this is not what a fashion diva would go for, but I think that body improvements are the things that de-noobify someone fastest.

3. Yes it is a game and no it isn’t. You’re coming across real people here, even if they are looking like the picture on this post. True, many take Second Life too seriously, and I’m possibly one, but being in a game is no excuse to treat people badly. Pixels or no pixels, people have feelings.

4. There is so much to learn if you want to get the most out of SL. I would recommend you visit one of the really good (and preferably) Linden approved help centres. They really are there to help you and the people there give up their time to do so. Don’t waste this valuable way to get a short-cut to learning about Second Life and with the Linden approval, you know you can trust them. I am aware of the level of training and testing that goes into making someone suitable to work in these places (for free!) and it ensures you’re safe.

5. Read and watch tutorials. Want to learn how to do something and are completely befuddled? You can learn so much simply by using your browser and diving into the wealth of tutorials that are out there, put out simply to help others. Free help, like the centres I mentioned in number four.

If you need help, it’s there. Second Life can be all manner of things, but it doesn’t have to be a mountain to climb … unless you want to go mountaineering!


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2 thoughts on “Yes, You Can

  1. hahahah sweet, totally going to check out the outfit, thank you for sharing! Great advice as well. ❤

  2. It’s here:
    If you ever make yourself up as a hatchie, PLEASE send pictures. I promise cookies if you do (a hatchie’s favourite food).

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