Ebbe Caught Me Napping!

Another one of Strawberry Singh’s Blog Meme’s and an excuse to pretend to mix with the famous – even if they are cut-outs. For those of you who don’t know, Ebbe Altberg is the new CEO of Linden Labs and his avatar is Ebbe Linden. He’s been seen out and about on the grid and seems to be quite visual, he even posts on Twitter. I don’t do social media at all (read my “About” page and see why), but I am assured he’s there and Tweeting. Whatever that is. Anyway …

Ebbe Caught Me Napping

Ebbe Caught Me Napping

The meme calls for a picture with Flat Ebbe, a construction of Berry’s from one of her pictures. If, after you see my effort, you can’t resist carrying around your very own Ebbe, then you can get one from Berry’s marketplace. He’s free. Berry also challenged us to list three comments we would like to make to Ebbe if we got to do so, so here are mine.

1. Please reassure me that mesh will not take over the metaverse. It’s fabulous, but for those of us that don’t want to look like everyone else and want as much flexibility as possible to change our avatar, we need sculpties and prims. Sorry, fitted mesh does not do it. I don’t want to be a human that fits into one of five boxes that you can mess with a bit. In fact, I don’t want to be a human at all.

2. Change is often good, once you get used to it. However, it would be really great if some of the things we already had in place were fixed or improved. I don’t use the Linden Labs viewer because it does not offer the features I rely on to modify and build, and it’s geared towards meet and greet more than anything (I loathe and despise the Linden Viewer’s chat box).  I’m not alone in choosing a third party viewer for this reason. Couldn’t you sneak in a few things for the older resident, so we’re more inclined to support the standard viewer?

3. I’m with Berry on better marketing for Second Life. It’s not just the sex aspect, it’s just people’s assumption that you are stupid if you play Second Life. The more that can get out in the media about its varying educational aspects and truly stunning creations, the better. I am blown away daily by what people can do on here.

The picture was taken at Armenelos, in the Calas Galadron collection of SIMS.



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