Hi, I’m Peri.

A figment of your imagination

This is me!

I’m a talking wolf that you won’t see in Second Life unless you’re very “lucky”. If you do, I’ll probably be gone before you know it.

As an “Alt” (Alternate avatar) I’m really meant to be purely functional. I help my typist to make things in peace for her primary avatar to sell.

If you’re friendly, busy and have a business, you’ll make friends. This is true in real life as well as Second Life. My typist’s primary avatar has done just that, and can rarely log on without Notices filling her screen and so many Instant Messages they are capped. Not the ideal environment to build, explore, chill or have time out – and that is one of the main reasons the typist is on Second Life in the first place.

So here I am, the Alt. My mission is to help build and I do. But I have a mind of my own, you see. I like to explore the grid, and I like to take photographs and I like to learn things. The only thing I don’t like is going to a great place, or learning a nifty trick, and having to keep it to myself. Cool things are for sharing.

So I’m here. I will share my inworld life with my husband and the primary avatar exclusively. The things I find I’ll share with you on this blog.

If you think you see me inworld … believe that you are truly mistaken, for I shall act as if I haven’t seen you. Come here and find me instead! 🙂


Second Life is a copyrighted virtual world – please see the Legals page so you know I’m not messing with that. For your information, the majority of the pictures of SL SIMs in this blog have had little done to them other than cropping. If you want to see pictures I’ve really played with a lot more, you’ll find them on my Flickr. I’ve tried to keep these true to what you will see if you go to the location, although I’m going to play with windlight on all my pictures and you are not going to stop me – learn how and then you WILL see what I see. :p

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