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Machinima Page Added!

Henrycopter House

Henrycopter House

What it says! I’ve put aside a page so you can easily find any machinima I make on the places I visit, just click on the menu at the top of the site.

I can’t do that many machinima, they are very time consuming, but they are fun. Now I’ve finished the one on A Petrovsky Flux, maybe I’ll have time to get back out on the grid. 🙂

I’d hate to make you read a post without a picture, so here’s a still I snapped in A Petrovsky Flux while I was there.

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A Petrovsky Flux

After reading Strawberry Singh’s blog post on how she met Ebbe Linden, I was determined to go to the SIM she met him in. I like solitude, so even the thought of meeting the new CEO of Linden Labs wasn’t a draw, but the SIM was. I’m so glad I visited, and I would urge you to go, as it appears to be on borrowed time. Note the SLURL now, before we go any further. It’s here.

I find it hard to describe this place. I’ve opted for “what Salvador Dali would create if he was into Steampunk”. It is truly stunning, and I’d recommend the region windlight, although I opted for a few shots using StrawberrySinghDotComEmerald*.

Lazy Wolf's Way To Explore

Lazy Wolf’s Way To Explore

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the sofas. Lots of big, comfy-looking pink sofas with one, large spring. No, they’d not started to fall apart, but seemed to use the spring to get around and if you visit, you will probably be stalked by one. You can also hitch a ride on the biggest one, which worked well for me, my little paws get tired quickly (i.e. I’m lazy).

Talking of tired, after a few falls into the surprisingly clear water and a tumble after attempting to climb some lattice (that never, ever gave any indication that climbing would be a good enterprise), I found somewhere else to relax. Look out across the vast, bleak plains at the exploding “stuff” and rock yourself to sleep. Free puns are included with this blog, so I labelled the picture accordingly. It’s a great view!

Getting Tired

Getting Tired

Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House

And linking, yet again, if you want a really great view, and to share it with friends, find the little café. I can’t say the service was the best I’ve ever had, but the vantage point it offered more than made up for any disappointment with the Soup Du Jour.

With all the machinery around, you may well wonder (and if you didn’t, you will now) if the SIM has an ecologically friendly policy in place. I’m delighted to report that it does indeed run on green energy. See picture. 🙂

Green Energy

Green Energy

Noggin Protector and Henrycopter

Noggin Protector and Henrycopter

In the pictures, you’ll probably notice I’m modelling a high-fashion Steampunk hat (!) Clearly labelled as a “Petrovsky Noggin Protector Xmas Edition” when it hits your inventory, you can collect it from the sign. Assuming you can find the sign. I say “The Sign” because I only saw one, found it once, and couldn’t find it again! Along with the hat you also get your very own “Henrycopter”. You’ll know what he is before he hits your inventory if you’ve been paying attention, as there are many, many Henrycopters flying around. The less imaginative may choose to call them “Flying Sheep with Rotors”. If you attach him, he’ll keep you company as you traverse the fascinating wastes that are A Petrovsky Flux.

Go there, really. Before it’s gone.

*Not got it? No problem, scoot over to my page on SL Photography for a link to Berry’s Windlight page and some other useful pages on Second Life photography.

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Hazardous? Well, they do warn you!

Hazardous LZ

Hazardous LZ

The first time I ever came to visit Hazardous, I was falling rapidly before I had even registered that I’d landed. One false footpaw and I was tumbling base over apex, wondering if I’d get a soft landing. Fortunately, this little wolf’s rear has excellent padding and I made it with nary a scratch. When I returned to get pictures for the blog, I was a little more careful. However, there are many ways to fall, just from the Landing Zone. Try getting in the bath …

When you do finally make it to the surface, the landscape is pretty arid (this is coming from someone who lives in the UK, so anything that’s not able to have water squeezed from it is “arid”),  and has a peaceful but desolate feel. The important thing to remember when you wander around is that not all is as it seems.

Which Way?

Which Way?

There are too many features to list here, and more little secret “doorways” to other parts of the SIM than I have the time or the wordpower to mention, but I would encourage you to find the well. I am not going to reveal what’s in it, but it’s worth a look. It’s easy to get lost in Hazardous, though. However, there are several handy signpost, some of which really do justify using LOL (which means “Laugh Out Loud” or “Laughing Out Loud” for those that are still using it incorrectly!)). I don’t say that lightly. This wolf does NOT do text speak. Make sure you find the signposts, though. They won’t help you find your way, but they’ll make you smile.

I’d also recommend finding the lighthouse, which is a great spot for budding SL photographers and there are handy seats on the cliff opposite it. I’d suggest you try the various seats around anyway, they are loaded with great animations and most will suit couples and singles. You’ll also find a cute Tea House at the bottom of the ravine, if you manage to fall down. It can often be done without trying …

Hazardous Music

Hazardous Music

One of my favourite parts of Hazardous is the steps down the outside of the cliff to the surprise at the bottom. I love the imagery here. In fact, the whole SIM is reminscent of lost childhood (as my husband pointed out) and has a wild, lonely sense of desolation that is also a very peaceful one. Perfect for the blogger that likes to explore the grid in peace …

On another note, the designer and owner is a charming fellow and is very kind to those of a furry persuasion, which cannot be said for a lot of SIMS. If you run into him, you’ll be made welcome. I think this place is beautifully designed, well-thought out and also serves as a pleasant hangout, with Intan to help you find some romance if you want it. There’s a reasonable chance as there are often visitors in Hazardous. You’ll rarely be alone in this wilderness.

You can find Hazardous here …


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Second Life Book Cover Meme

Another Meme Challenge from Strawberry Singh that dates back to before I joined the group, but it sounded like fun, so I wanted to do it.

Peri Potters ...

Peri Potters …

I’m amazed at the creativity of fellow group members and the amount of time they must put into their shots. My offering for the Second Life Book Cover Meme is rather twee, I’m afraid, and not a work of art, but maybe it will make you smile. I guess you could call my cover some kind of parody, and I’m also guessing you won’t need me to tell you where I got my inspiration from. However, I shall.

My real life husband is a huge fan of single malt whisky (blends are not whisky, as far as he is concerned). I hate the stuff. He hardly ever drinks, so I shouldn’t ever begrudge him his favourite tipple and I don’t, actually, but there is nothing that is quite as much fun as teasing one’s spouse – and he would be the first to agree with me.

So, dear, this one is for you. 🙂

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