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Machinima Page Added!

Henrycopter House

Henrycopter House

What it says! I’ve put aside a page so you can easily find any machinima I make on the places I visit, just click on the menu at the top of the site.

I can’t do that many machinima, they are very time consuming, but they are fun. Now I’ve finished the one on A Petrovsky Flux, maybe I’ll have time to get back out on the grid. 🙂

I’d hate to make you read a post without a picture, so here’s a still I snapped in A Petrovsky Flux while I was there.

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Rosemist Update …

I have friends in real life (yes, I do!), that don’t do Second Life. For them, and for you if you don’t, take a walk around Rosemist Isle.

You can find my video on my Flickr stream, or watch the full version (!) right here.

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Second Life Dancing

I’m a big fan of Strawberry Singh and I guess it’s reading her stuff that made me start a blog. Keeps me out of mischief, if nothing else. She’s a great photographer and she has a weekly “Meme” for other Second Life bloggers. Well, now I’m one, so here’s my contribution, which is on my Flickr. It’s short, as it needs to be, which is a shame because the track is so catchy.

As for the questions:

1. The dance is called Angie 16, and it’s free from Humanoid on Marketplace. They offer great dances, but as I’m an invisible (as much as possible) Alt, I don’t exactly need them. I did go out and check Humanoid’s store – well worth a look for any Second Life dancer.

Still shot from my video

Still shot from my video

2. My Primary does dance on occasions and is, like Berry, a fan of Animazoo‘s Belly Dances, and is also quite taken with some from Ministry of Motion and Abranimations. Yeah, she’s mostly old-school.

3. No, in general I don’t dance in Second Life, except in my home with my husband using our Intan (couples dance machine). When I do dance like this, the cuddlier and more romantic the better, although I love a good Tango.

4. No, I’m not a good dancer in the real world and no, I don’t dance. With a real life figure like mine, there is a genuine possibility of earth tremors should I try. You think I look like my Second Life human? Aww, bless. No, actually.


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